"Panda Reverse"
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Touch a panda you want to play a match with.

PAPA is the strongest. In the match's coming to its climax, he totally prophesies the end of the match.

MAMA is so greedy that she means to have the mojority from the opening to the end. She is very careful with her dress and appearance,and thinks it's the most important to look nice.

BABY can't guess any future moves. It means to get the corner squares.

Then touch a start button, choosing your color to use.

Survey of the game

This game is known as "Othello" or "Reversi". The object of the game is to have the majority of your color discs on the board at the end of the match.

At the opening of the match, each player chooses one color to use throughout the match, and places two discs each as fig. 1.

fig. 1

Every move must consists of "sandwiching" the opponent's discs, then flipping the sandwiched discs to your color. To sandwich means to place a disc on the board so that the opponent's rows of discs lie between your color discs at each end.

For example (see fig. 2), the placement of black disc at X sandwiches the row of three white discs. Then sandwiched discs are flipped to black. (see fig. 3)

fig. 2 fig. 3

Rules of the game

1. Black moves the first.

2. A disc may sandwiches any number of rows of discs in any number of directions at the same time. Horizontally, vertically or diagonally. (see fig. 4 and fig. 5)

fig. 4 fig. 5

3. All discs sandwiched must be flipped, even if it is the player's advantage not to flip them at all.

4. You may not skip over your own color disc to sandwich the opponent's disc. (see fig. 6 and fig. 7)

fig. 6 fig. 7

5. Discs may only be sandwiched as a direct result of a move and must fall in the direct line of the disc placed down. (see fig. 8 and fig. 9)

fig. 8 fig. 9

6. In your turn, if you can't sandwich any opponent's disc, your turn will be invalidated and the opponent moves again. However, if a move is available to you, you may not pass your turn.

7. Once a disc is placed on the board, it can never be moved to another place later.

8. When it is no longer possible for either player to move, the match is over. It is possible of a match to be over before all 64 squares are filled. The player with majority discs is the winner.



・WebAudio は XMLHttpRequest やめて Base64 に。


・伸縮 canvas 方式。

・screen.orientation.lock() をプロミスに。

・タッチとマウスを 0.5 秒間排他。

・ScriptProcessorNode → AudioBufferSourceNode。


・Windows 用 viewport と pointerdown。
・setInterval → requestAnimationFrame。

・ScriptProcessorNode 最適化。
・iOS 9 の WebAudio に対応。

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iPhone で OpenGL ES 2.0 を勉強したのが役立ち、
(2013/02/09 PEGI 追加。)

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初の Windows Phone アプリ。Silverlight と XNA。

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2010/03/12 1.0

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