(counting down the very moment when twenty-second century will have come.)

© 1999 Maeda Mameo

Java 1.1
o CountDown.class (5KB)

Countdown upcoming 21th century!
Countdown your next birthday!
You can specify any special moment you want.

The Numbers are applied antialiasing effect. (without Java2D)
The CountDown applet offers you a realtime calculated remaining time displaying for any GIF or JPG images on your web page. It's freeware and is only 5KB.

Please try out the CountDown applet for your own web pages and let us know what you think.

You can see the source code. CountDown.java

Tag Syntax

<applet code="CountDown.class" width="aNumber" height="aNumber">
// the width and height ( in pixels ) of the image

<param name="image" value="aFile">
// an image to be displayed ( ex. "images/pic1.gif" )

<param name="color" value="aHexNumber">
// the color of the numbers

<param name="x" value="aNumber">
// the horizontal position of the numbers

<param name="y" value="aNumber">
// the vertical position of the numbers

<param name="target" value="aNumber">
// the target time ( ex. "21010101000000" means 00:00'00 of January 1 2101 )
// note: 01 for January, 02 for February, 03 for March......
// by 100 years future available.

<param name="shake" value="on">
// shakes the numbers. omitting this tag, the numbers appear stably.



<param name="image" value="Skull.gif">
<param name="color" value="00ff00">
<param name="x" value="26">
<param name="y" value="148">
<param name="target" value="21010101000000">
<param name="shake" value="on">

<param name="image" value="Skull.gif">
<param name="color" value="cc0000">
<param name="x" value="26">
<param name="y" value="30">
<param name="target" value="21010101000000">


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